If you are unwell or suffer from a disability, you should contact ESA or Employment and Support Allowance. You can call the ESA contact number and ask about getting financial support especially if you are unable to work. If you are able to work, you can use the telephone number to ask about getting personalized help so that you can work.
Regardless of whether you are out of work, working or self-employed, you can use the phone number to apply for Employment and Support Allowance.
The ESA is open every day from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. During these times, you can use the contact number to find out if you are eligible for Employment and Support Allowance. If you are over the state pension age and If you are getting a jobseeker’s allowance, you are not eligible for ESA. It is important to note that you can also get Employment and Support Allowance if you have worked or lived abroad. Call the contact number to find out if there are local ESA offices in your area.
You can use the ESA phone number to make a new claim. You are required to provide some personal information. This includes your National insurance number, your landlord’s/mortgage details, telephone number, council tax bill, medical certificate, general practitioner’s telephone number and address, bank details and employment address. You may also be asked to give details of any other funds that you may be getting, for instance sick pay or benefits, when you call the ESA number.
Using the phone number is the easiest and quickest way to reach ESA. However, you can also contact them via e-mail.